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Most people hear the term ‘Mercury retrograde’ and immediately feel a sense of dread. There is just something about the retrograde that makes most of us feel at least a little apprehensive.

A Mercury retrograde is what happens when Mercury appears to spin backward. While it isn’t moving backward, it is considered to be retrograde because of its apparent descent from our planet. Because Mercury rules over technology, travel, and communication, it is thought that there is chaotic energy surrounding these things during the retrograde.

For example, there are more technological glitches that take place during a retrograde, and a lot of people slip into old patterns (move backward) and slip back into old bad habits. Travel plans can go awry and miscommunication is prevalent during the retrograde. Because of this, it’s best not to make drastic changes in your life during the actual retrograde.

Of course, because the retrograde falls under a specific sign, with this one beginning on May 10th in the sign of Gemini, its energy affects each of us a little differently.

Here are the zodiac signs that will be most affected by this retrograde.

1. Aries

For those whose zodiac sign is Aries, this is going to be an intense retrograde. Because it will fall in your house of communication- the chaotic aspects of this retrograde are likely going to be heightened for you. Expect to be misunderstood and misunderstood, and if you have travel plans in place, double-check them a few times. With that being said, the retrograde isn’t all bad: it’s a time to take a step back and slow down, and that’s never a bad thing for gung-ho Aries.

2. Taurus

Because this retrograde will move through your house of income and finance, be careful to check your electronic banking and double-check that important transaction go through. You could expect to get hit with an unexpected fee or even have your bank go down when you need them most. A good opportunity that will come of this, though, is that if you are having a difficult time with your financial mindset, this is a major opportunity to work on shifting that.

3. Gemini

This retrograde is falling under your sign, so it’s expected that you are going to be feeling it rather intensely. You might be questioning yourself, or having a difficult time seeing things. And in turn, this could cause you to take a few steps back. If you feel too overwhelmed, it’s completely okay to slow down and take some time just for you, so you can get your mind back right.

4. Virgo

Be wary of how you approach social media during this time because the retrograde will be bumping into your house of public image. While it may not be intentional, you may end up posting something that is gravely misunderstood, leading to problems among your tight-knit friend group and family.

5. Pisces

With this retrograde falling under your fourth house of home and family, your family life may be a bit chaotic. I would expect to have some miscommunications among family members and to have important household electronics glitch out during use. If you have any travel plans with family- make sure everyone has all of their ducks in a row, including yourself, otherwise, travel plans may go awry.