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Mercury is retrograding right now and this kind of thing will be happening well until November 3rd. This retrograde is bringing up unresolved emotions and might leave your ex thinking now would be a good time to shoot you a text or try to send you some kind of message.

During the time that this retrograde is present, remember not to do anything too out of the usual. Think things through and spend time reflecting then make your move once this retrograde has finally come to some kind of an end. Below I am going to go over some of what this retrograde holds for each zodiac sign in relation to emotions, exes, and things of that nature. There will be exceptions to this but overall, these are things we should keep in mind.


Yes, you are content right now in your current relationship but this retrograde is going to have you thinking back to loves from your past. You have done a lot of things in life and well, your heart has been through tons. Sure, you might not want to be back with your ex but there are things you miss about them and this period is going to be one that you spend mourning a connection in a lot of ways.


As a Taurus, you’re someone who really deals with a lot of romantic issues. You and your partner do not always see eye to eye and it really leaves you wondering if you’ve made the right choices in life and in love. Sure, you’re content but are you with the person you should be with?


Yes, you moved on a long time ago but that doesn’t mean your ex isn’t still thinking of you. While they will not be as prominent in your mind as you are in their mind that might not keep them from reaching out. That being said, remaining friends with someone who was once a lover is rarely ever a good idea so you’re probably doing the right thing by ignoring those messages and keeping your distance.


You’re going to be thinking hard about someone from your past. While you could not change things, you wish so badly that you could. Life in itself is hard and you don’t like moving forward on your own.


Seeing someone you care about move on is not easy but honestly, you need to do the same. Whether you’re taken right now or not your emotions really show that you feel like you need some kind of closure from a previous relationship. Be aware that sometimes a lack of closure is more than enough to show you how someone truly feels.


We all know your ex checks up on you from time to time but you as the person you are right now don’t want them back. You are content where you are and things are looking up. Sure, from time to time you might want a bit of validation but is it really worth it?


Drama is all your ex is good for and you need to let that sink in. Now would be a good time to let go of the attachment you have to them. Sure, things are different right now from what you’d expect them to be but, is that a bad thing?


Your ex is ready to give you another shot and while you might not want to take it just yet, it could be something you’re interested in as time passes. Perhaps it is now or never. Maybe you should be reaching out?


If you feel you have something to say to someone from your past, now is the time to do it. There is a lot going on in your life and well, if you want to move forth without regret reaching out one last time might be important. This will help you feel better as you will be able to grow from the experience.


I know you’ve gone through a lot as of late and well, this retrograde will not be doing you any favors. You’re going to be wanting to dive down a rabbit hole full of people from the past and that’s not a good idea. Stop wasting people’s time and reaching out with no proper intentions.


You and your exes overall do not generally bother each other but this retrograde will have you considering doing something out of the ordinary. Honestly, staying off of social media during this period might be in your best interest. Things are not always what they seem.


Just because you didn’t know how to take things back then does not mean that you can make them work now. Sure, you feel like you’ve messed up but moving on is the best option. Stop looking back and start looking forward.