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Mercury retrograde creates a lot of tension and confusion in our lives that much is something most people know all too well but it’s about to go direct and that changes everything. While you might think you’re going to be getting back to normal, things won’t be as quick as you want them to be.

A lot of people struggle with moving on with their lives after the retrograde of Mercury. It’s like the transition period of energies is too much for their beings to handle and so they fall into a rut. Knowing how to keep yourself grounded will benefit you greatly if you are one of those people. All of the mental chaos we’ve been facing will be coming to an end once Mercury goes direct.

Mercury will be going direct on August 19th. While it will take a few weeks for you to really wake up and get yourself back to normal as time goes on progress will be made in regards. During this time Mercury will be gaining its strength back and in that working properly through all of us. Mercury, as you may know, is the planet of communication so if you’ve been dealing with a lot of misunderstandings lately once it goes direct things will begin weeding themselves out and you will be able to make yourself clear, finally.

Once Mercury goes direct you will be able to finally get things done and move forward. While Mercury was fully retrograding you were seemingly stuck and now all of that is going to be changing. You will be much less indecisive and more-so ready to make choices for once in your life.

Do your best in the weeks following Mercury having gone direct to really meditate each day and continue to let go of all of the things that hold you back. Do your best to remain as clear as possible and don’t hesitate to right your wrongs as you make them. No one is perfect.

Release all of the nervous energy that had been building up within your being. Relax and allow everything to work itself out. Be as patient as possible and continue using your common sense as you go through your daily life. While going retrograde was an intense change coming out is also. Things will be a bit peculiar for a moment but all will work itself out.

For some more insight on this and other energies before us in the week to come check out the video below. Being as collected as possible and using your brain before all else will get you through this just fine. Moving on with your life won’t be as hard as you might make it out to be.