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For anyone who may not know, the spring equinox is upon us, and the spring equinox is what marks the astrological new year! Massive energies are coming our way, and you should already be feeling it due to the Mercury Retrograde.

The spring equinox is on the 20th (which also happens to be International Astrology Day) of March and is coming quickly as time seems to be going by quite fast. At the spring equinox, the amount of daylight and darkness seem to be about equal. We will be increasing in sunlight hours and decreasing in darkness hours. Springtime is a wonderful time when everything becomes new again.

Spring reminds us all that life can come from nothing and that even in the coldest moments there is always something special coming. I feel like March is a very energetic month as it is the beginning of something amazing. During March every single year, I do my best to really reflect on where I want my life to go from here. I rethink myself and where I am going because like the astrological new year I am also able to be reborn time and time again if my energy chooses to do so.

Mercury Retrograde:

We don’t have to be stuck in anything, we can always change our own situations if we truly wish to do so. While intense energies are headed our way with the equinox, you should be feeling the energies now as Mercury has just went retrograde and will remain there until the 28th.

This means that we will be forced to continue looking back for a bit longer than expected. Mercury is a very powerful body that pushes out things we need to face. It brings us within and forces us to let go of our past issues. I guess you could say it is the best therapist there is.

Now, another important thing to note is that during this time, Mercury will be in Pisces. Pisces will be leading us to something specific as Mercury forces us within. These two combined will be making us address some very serious situations in our lives. However, do not be afraid, this will bring about something amazing for you and the rest of your year.

Nothing can truly hold you back. If forward is what you seek the only way through is to let these powers work for you. I hope that this equinox and retrograde work wonders for you and bring you where you think you should be in life.