Mercury retrograde is one of those things that most of us dread. And while it makes sense to dread it on one hand, on another, it actually can be a pretty phenomenal experience and one that is exceedingly beneficial if we approach it correctly.

While it is most known for the fact that it causes miscommunication, misunderstanding, and travel plans to go awry, Mercury retrograde is also an opportunity. Before you come for me, hear me out. During the retrograde, when Mercury appears to be spinning backward, it is a calling for us to slow down and communicate more effectively with ourselves.

And this retrograde isn’t just your everyday retrograde it’s a pretty important transit. At the same time as Mercury begins moving retrograde, Jupiter is entering into Aries. Jupiter is all about expansion, growth, and transformation, and the energy in Aries is fierce and determined.

The major change will coincide with this transit. When you add the determination of Aries to the expansive energy of Jupiter, it’s the perfect recipe for major growth and change. What are some goals you have your sights set on currently? Use this transit to truly focus on your goals and align with them.

Think about the changes you wish for most. When you think of your life in the future, what does it look like (if your goals were achieved)?

The energy of the Mercury retrograde (which takes place in Gemini, BTW) is also pushing us to reflect on change and growth. Especially when it comes down to how we express ourselves and communicate. How are you showing up for your friendships and other relationships? Are there changes that could be made that would help them find a more stable place?

Because of how prevalent miscommunication is during this time, it’s important to choose your words carefully. Feel the room before you let it all out. And be careful not to participate in gossip. What you say during this time will find its way back around and it may cause harm to your relationships if you don’t pay attention to what you say. Above all, experience life and communication as a lesson. When mistakes happen, reflect on them.

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