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As of January 2nd, 2020 Mercury and Jupiter have conjunct one another. This is something that we tend to overlook for some reason but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t influence our lives. 

When mercury and Jupiter conjunct one another the energies we face do not fade away for a long time. They have lasting effects in different areas of our lives that are hard to really grab any real kind of hold on. This whole ordeal is occurring in Capricorn as well and both signs will remain here for quite sometime. This will make everyone seem more judgmental than usual and that will really play a dangerous role in our love lives. 

Sure, this ordeal brings forth a sense of happiness but it also pushes us to break free from things that are no longer working in our lives. We will be highlighting the things in our worlds that need to change and making changes all the while not focusing on the emotional side of each situation. You see, when each of these planets are in Capricorn, things are a bit more frustrating than we would like to admit. wrote as follows about Mercury being in Capricorn:

Capricorn is the businessman of the zodiac, with its sights set on efficiency and success. While Mercury spends time here, we are inspired to think and act in ways that will help us reach our goals. Capricorn’s influence clears up our thoughts, helping us hone in on the most important and fruitful ideas. We’re also able to be more direct in our communication during this transit, cutting down on misunderstandings and wasted time.

One of the biggest benefits during Mercury in Capricorn is the building of ideas. The many thoughts that run through our minds are easier to organize, and we can see them like puzzle pieces, arranging them until they fit together in the way that makes the most sense. Once we can see our ideas as a solid form, we are able to take action and turn them into reality.

While we tend to be straightforward during this transit, we must beware of the tone we take when interacting with others. Capricorn is acutely aware of hierarchies, which means that conversation may become more controlling than constructive. We all think our ideas are the best ideas during Mercury in Capricorn, but if we spend too much time worrying about who’s in charge, we won’t end up getting much done.

This when paired with the careful plans Jupiter brings forth when in Capricorn puts off an energy that is seemingly unstoppable. We will be overcoming obstacles and not taking the time to really nurture any connections we have. The people we care about the most about during this time if we are not careful will fall through the cracks. Once that happens repairing our relationships isn’t as possible as we would like for it to be.

Perhaps reminding yourself of what is important will benefit you during the course of this year. Just when you think these energies are dying down they will fire back up again. Don’t worry too much but do try to keep yourself in check. If you’re working on love right now, you need to remain focused while moving forward. Start new things and explore yourself but don’t lose sight of what is important to you.

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