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Today, January 2, 2022, Mercury began moving into Aquarius. The energy of Mercury in Aquarius can be quite intense, making this a major shift for every sign.

Mercury is the ruling planet over communication and expression and Aquarius is known for out-of-the-box and intellectual thinking. While it may not sound like it- this transit is a match made in heaven. During this transit, we are going to feel pushed toward more open-minded thinking with the added ability to communicate more freely.

This transit will impact each of us differently though, and this is what to expect for each sign.


During this time, you are going to be the center of attention, with people reaching out that you haven’t heard from in a while. You will also have many opportunities to socialize and to get out and have a good time. Use this opportunity to network and reconnect with the people you love most.


You can expect to find a major transition in your career, or find the opportunity for one. If you have been waiting on news regarding a promotion or a job opening, it’s likely now is the time you will have the opportunity.


You will be feeling the urge to reach out of your comfort zone and experience something new. Utilize this motivation to push yourself into a new direction, or to go on a new adventure.


While in most cases you will feel much more at ease when communicating with others, there will be a few cases in which you may come across as a bit brash. Stay mindful of the words you choose and what you choose to let out, otherwise you may end up regretting what you said.


Lately, your relationships have been intense, so it’s time to compromise and finally have that talk. Don’t hold in your true feelings, but be careful not to go overboard.


This transit is going to have you feeling very chaotic and a bit hyperfocused on the future. It’s time to reassess your daily routines, and take time to square off with the worries that plague your mind. If you are taking on too much, you may need to downsize.


Your major focus during this transit will be in the areas of romance and creativity. If you are in a relationship, you will likely feel pushed to reignite your passion and if you are single, you may be wanting to venture out and connect. Trust in yourself.


Your home life is moving to the forefront of your mindset, and you have big decisions to make to find peace. Don’t get ahead of yourself, or get bogged down in the choices to be made. It’s normal to need space and time before jumping in headfirst.


You have a lot going on inside your mind and are trying to make sense of all of the noise before moving forward and letting it all out. Before you vocalize your thoughts, take some time to write them down on paper and organize them with a brain dump, otherwise, you might word your thoughts wrong and they will be misunderstood.


Your money is on your mind, leading you to want to adjust your finances and get more bang for your buck. In turn, you may be looking for a side hustle, or to downsize, so you can reprioritize your budget.


You are feeling highly driven to express yourself, with added mental clarity and ease for communicating. Take advantage of this, but be wary of the upcoming retrograde which is likely to cause some confusion.


During this transit, you will be feeling in tune with yourself on a deeply spiritual level. Trust in your intuition and listen to the little voice within. If you are having vivid dreams, don’t forget to journal them.