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Mercury is in Virgo and will remain in that sign until it enters Libra on the 5th of this month. While it might not be something many people think about this planet when working with the power of the sign Virgo can help us move forward in huge ways.

When Mercury is in Virgo we are offered a much clearer mind and the will to use it in our favor. Mercury is a very powerful planet that actually works well with Virgo in a lot of ways. When these two are working as one we are able to think more clearly and able to really figure out the things we need to in order to get things done properly.

All of this having been said, there are 5 zodiac signs who might not be getting the best out of all of this. These signs are going to be weighed down big time in some of the worst possible ways. Below I am going to break what each of these 5 signs should be expecting down and while they can still make the most of these energies they do need to be aware of them as time continues to pass.


For the Aries, this whole ordeal is going to throw things out of whack. Instead of strengthening your Aries energies, you may end up feeling quite drained. Right now you need to put your health and well-being first, stop fighting so hard for things that just don’t really matter anyway.


While the Cancer usually does well with things like this, this time around the Cancer is going to be feeling more closed off and afraid. You’ve got a lot of pressure on your back, and things are only going to get worse. I know, you’ve got a lot happening around you, but you need to see that in the end, what you do matters. A hard lesson is coming forth.


Libra people during this time period are going to be feeling quite knocked off their feet. While these people usually don’t have much trouble butting heads with the Aries energies, they don’t know how to work with them which sets them behind. You’re about to lose something big and well unless you can overcome that loss you’re going to be quite thrown off.


Mercury in Aries for the Sagittarius makes them even more flighty than usual but does show them where they need to be paying the most attention. Someone in your life during this time might be ready to show you their true colors and unless you’re looking close enough you might miss it. Stop being so naive, things are not always what they seem.


The Pisces is going to be spending a lot more time working on self-care during this period which is a good thing but will not work in the Pisces favor right now. While you want to relax, relaxing is not possible right now. Things are only going to be getting more intense as time continues to pass, that much you can count on.