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As we move forth through 2021 we are seeing a lot of shifting taking place. Even as of today two planets have moved into different signs thus bringing about an entirely new mood.

As of January 8th, Mercury is now in the sign Aquarius, and Venus is now in the sign Capricorn. While both of these things might sound small, they are very interesting and important to be aware of. Because of this kind of shift, we are able to really allow things to take hold in our lives.

Mercury will be present in Aquarius for a while and will station retrograde there at the end of the month on the 30th. Venus on the other hand will be entering Aquarius on February 1st without having retrograded at all. When Mercury is in Aquarius we are offered a much more progressive approach to things and for that, we should be thankful. wrote as follows on some of the energies Mercury in Aquarius can offer:

Aquarius is about remaining neutral and not letting our feelings get in the way of the truth. So when Mercury does his trek through this sign, we’ll have the opportunity to view the things we’re emotionally invested in through a more rational lens. This approach could finally help us see people and situations for what they really are. Expect a few “a-ha” moments courtesy of this dynamic duo!

The one thing to watch out for during Mercury’s time in this sign is hurting or neglecting other people’s feelings. The cerebral nature of Mercury in Aquarius can overpower emotions and rationalize them away, making it difficult to feel. It’s possible that we’ll lose touch with our sensitive sides, so we need to do our best to handle any conversations we have during this time with care.

Now, in regard to its retrograde which we noted was going to be happening, we should also keep in mind that this planet can and will bring on a bit of chaos. We may find that becoming frustrated is much quicker in our lives and that we need to rethink things more deeply than we typically would have before to get through the situation at hand. Again, I know, this might not sound like much but please keep these things in mind as you move forward.

Now, Venus in Capricorn holds its own energies as well but they are not nearly as complex as those of Mercury in Aquarius as far as I am concerned. However, that does not mean they are unimportant when it comes to understanding what you’re facing as a whole. When Venus is in Capricorn we are able to really dive into things more deeply. We can see what we want and how to go about getting exactly that.

The energies this ordeal brings forth are very progressive and full of change. The planet Venus is one that deals in the world of love a lot as well so it holds heavy influence there. Overall, if you want to get something done putting your eggs in the right baskets during this time will matter more than most could ever imagine.

What do you think about all of this? I know, it might sound a bit out there but the more we know about what’s happening in the celestial world the more we understand about what we are going through within. This kind of thing is not a joke.