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While it might not always seem as prominent the placement of the planets in the celestial world has some control over us. Sure, things are a bit less intense because the retrograde is over but that doesn’t mean we’re out of the water yet.

Mercury for those who do not know is a planet that rules over our minds as well as the way we think. It is deeply connected to our emotions and depending on what sign it is in, we can be quite on edge as a result. If you’re feeling sensitive and out of place, it could have something to do with the fact that Mercury is currently in Scorpio and will be present in this sign for a decent amount of time.

When Mercury is in Scorpio we are often facing a lot of things we otherwise wouldn’t. This whole ordeal is all about transformation and will bring us all to a place where we are able to heal. You over the next few weeks are going to be searching within and questioning the things around you. wrote as follows on this celestial event:

But Mercury in Scorpio brings out the skeptic in all of us. While it may feel like we’re searching for something wrong in every situation, it’s really about emphasizing our negative thinking to get positive results. By eliminating information and ideas that don’t serve our needs, we make room for those that will.

Our minds are also more suspicious when Mercury is in Scorpio. Because it’s a time that emphasizes secrecy and privacy, we’re quick to assume there are things going on that we don’t know about. But if we push too hard to try to get to the truth — which is very likely under Scorpio’s persistent influence — we risk creating long-term issues of intimacy and mistrust. That said, Mercury in Scorpio does have the potential to foster greater intimacy as well. Because we’re more willing to ask the really hard questions, we might finally get the answers we need to grow closer in the process.

Don’t get too caught up in your emotions right now. Let things play out as the universe sees fit. Things are not always what they seem. Remember to keep yourself grounded and when you’re at your most emotionally high, think things out. It is better to step back and consider what is before you than to explode in the heat of the moment.