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Astrology provides great insight into our past, present, and future lives and the influences that the celestial universe has over us. Within astrology, seven planetary bodies influence our daily lives, with each of them affecting how we participate in our journey in this life.

Included among these seven major celestial bodies is the Sun, the moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, Aside from the moon, Mercury could be considered to be perhaps the most notorious of the planetary bodies.

Mercury holds many influences over us, with the dominating energies influencing our communication, our thought, our relationships, and friendships. In Greek mythology, Mercury is a messenger to the Gods.

When Mercury moves direct (forward on its normal path) it helps us to communicate more clearly and to see things with clarity. We are better able to understand our friends and partners during this time, and Mercury influences our social interactions positively.

However, during the Mercury retrograde, a period in which Mercury starts to move backward from our vantage point here on Earth, things can get a bit chaotic. We may misunderstand those closest to us, and also have plans with our friends fall through.

Mercury doesn’t just vaguely influence us either- as each of us has a chart of the exact way in which the stars and planets aligned on the day and moment we were born. Lying within each of our charts is Mercury. Depending on where Mercury lands on our chart – it can influence our lives in different ways.

Interestingly enough, when you look deeper at your natal chart (you can get a free one here) you will see just how much it does influence your communications, the type of friends you will meet along your journey, and how good you are at communicating in your love life. If you thought Mercury played a small role in your life- you will be greatly surprised by what it means in correlation to your life.

According to Cafe Astrology:

In modern times, we tend to “meet” people’s Mercury first. Many people make a connection for the first time through e-mails, for example. Mercury rules whether we are flowery in our speech and/or written words, concise in our choice of words, or business-like even in our communications.

When viewing your chart and others, you can locate Mercury to better understand their communication style and how to effectively communicate with them. You can also use this to understand how different transits affect them, and yourself, so you can prepare for them accordingly.

You can also use Mercury’s energy to improve your relationships and to find friends that click with you on a deeper level. If you think about it- Mercury is your life coach when it comes to all things social and communication. And when you approach it in that manner, you can truly benefit from understanding astrology!