It’s that time of year again, Mercury retrograde. And as we all sigh together in unity- let us also remember that mercury retrograde isn’t entirely a bad thing.

Mercury retrogrades happen when Mercury seemingly starts moving backward in its transit. Since Mercury is associated with communication, timing, clarity, and technology- we can often expect lapses to occur in these areas. In turn, electronics often glitch, miscommunications happen and confusion surrounds us during the retrograde.

The silver lining is that during a retrograde, we may be drawn towards moving more slowly, not jumping into things head first, and truly listening to the signs surrounding us. They also push us to ask important questions- like “Am I ready to leave this part of myself behind and stay open to a newer and better version?” You may begin to question your career, your love life, and your daily grind.

And if those things aren’t serving you- it’s important to question them.

The Mercury retrograde will be happening from September 27 until October 18, and this is what each zodiac sign can expect during this time.


While your first instinct is to push yourself, without stopping, when you are unable to, it can be frustrating. But, don’t lash out in anger. Force and violence are not the energies you need now to get what you want. Instead, this retrograde is forcing you to take a step back, and be patient.


Taurus, while you are normally calm, cool, and collected, the Mercury retrograde will have you feeling a bit impulsive. Social interactions will your favorite people may be a bit chaotic during this time, so readjusting your expectations will be everything. While impulsivity has never been your strong suit- you will be pushed more than ever to work on your mental strength.


Mercury is your ruling planet, so you may be feeling the effects of this retrograde intensely. But- since you are an opportunist who uses change as a catalyst for growth, you will see many opportunities during this time to turn straw into gold.


Oh, Cancer. You are an emotionally driven sign, and during this time, you are going to be feeling it. And as much as the intensity of this retrograde will have you wanting to retreat and hide- don’t. Instead, as these high-intensity emotional bursts come your way, remember to slow it down and work through each incident. You will come out stronger on the other side of this.


You love being the center of attention, but during this time, you will be feeling the need to tone it down a notch. Because of the miscommunications and mishaps that happen during this time, being the center of attention may get you to put in some predicaments that will be challenging to your ego. Make sure to double-check yourself during this time and in some cases, you may have to be a bit more inconspicuous than usual.


As someone who hates things to be chaotic and out of their control, you are going to be feeling this shift intensely. While you normally lean on structure and order- during this time things will be a bit more chaotic than that. This retrograde will push you out of your comfort zone and encourage you to let go of trying to control everything so much.


During this retrograde, social interactions will be a bit disconnected. Due to the miscommunications that are commonplace with Mercury retrograde, it’s likely misunderstandings will be fluid in communication. You may have to change your communication style and explore your relationships from a new angle.


As a fixed sign, you are very set in your ways. No matter what chaos is going on around you, you find a way to make it through, and this will be no different. While you will understand that there will be chaos regardless- you will also already have a plan to push through the retrograde and make it through the ups and downs with ease.


Sag, you love constantly going and pushing and doing- but this retrograde won’t make that easy for you. Travel plans will go awry, and plans will end up canceled. When this happens, you will want to push harder. But, instead of pushing harder, try using a more patient approach. This retrograde is trying to teach you the fine art of patience and the more you fight, the harder things will be.


Projects and plans may come to a halt during this time, and if you are depending on someone else to help you through, the temptation to take over and do it yourself will be real. You will be needing to take a zen step back and find some true calm throughout this time. Mercury retrograde is pushing you to find peace. Allow it.


You love technology – so this time is going to be trying for you. But, since you are quite the innovator, you will likely find alternative routes to handle your business. Use this time to make much-needed adjustments, and to overcome challenges. You love a good challenge, so keeping the right perspective is everything during this time.


Your intuition is not going to be at its peak during this time, and in turn, you are going to have a major battle with yourself. Take some time to rest, meditate and reframe instead of letting Mercury get the best of you. It isn’t your intuition that’s flawed- it’s the transit and its effect on you. Mercury is pushing you to pause and rejuvenate, let it.

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