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As we move through July things are breaking apart in a lot of ways. With Mercury going opposite Jupiter on the 30th of this month (July) we are all in store for new views. 

While this whole ordeal might not sound like a lot, it is a powerful one that is quite charged in the energetic world. During the time that this is present, we will all be able to really see things more clearly and whether you’re facing this in your natal or not, you will likely experience some of the effects it has to offer. This situation in the celestial world will serve as a reminder that we all have to work hard for the things we want and while sometimes we get lucky, that luck isn’t something that follows every single person on this planet around. 

Astrology King wrote as follows on these up and coming energies:

Transiting Mercury opposite Jupiter brings big ideas and grand plans and you should feel optimistic and sociable. You may have many ideas and cover a lot of ground, but to make the most of this transit you will need to narrow your view or take on fewer projects.

There is a tendency to skip over the details or believe you can handle more than you actually can. Especially when it comes to important decisions or business negotiations, it might be worthwhile getting professional advice. The fortunate nature of Jupiter can bring many opportunities for success, but greed or overconfidence would lead to loss or embarrassment.

This is a good time for questioning your own plans, ideas, and beliefs. It may be that you are questioned or challenged by others, which forces you into examining any weak spots in your arguments. Writing, debating and public speaking are good ways to refine your communication style.

Any of your beliefs or opinions that are too far from the social norm may cause controversy at this time. You may need to find a balance between being too provocative and being too boring.

Don’t be afraid to mix things up during this transit and really come out of your comfort zone a bit. Sure, things might be confusing for a little while but you will figure them out when you are ready. Now is your chance to close out July on a positive note full of growth, take that chance. 

Sure, some of these energies are a bit overwhelming, but they are not anything you are unable to handle. You are strong and you are capable. Put your best foot forward. I know, it might be a bit confusing or you might not feel like you can handle it but things will even out as you let them flow through you more properly. You’ve got this.