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Mercury is finally moving into Taurus right now (April 27th) by the time tomorrow comes the planet itself will be entirely in Taurus and that in many ways is a very good thing. While this is the planet of communication, Taurus influence might be exactly what we’ve been needing.

During the time that this marvelous celestial body is present in the sign Taurus we should all be more willing to work with the energies around us. They will be bringing forth new thoughts and a better outlook in general. The more we work with them the more they will benefit us as we move through life itself. Taurus is a sign that is quite practical and usually very much determined in some big ways, this meaning we’re in store for something special. wrote as follows about the energies we’re facing:

Mercury’s transit through practical Taurus is a time when common sense rules. Taurus is a sign that is very connected to the material world, so there’s an extra emphasis on what’s real during Mercury in Taurus. This isn’t a time for flights of fancy — it’s about focusing on the things that are going to bring us the most tangible results. Instead of coming up with creative new ways of thinking and doing things, we should stick to what we know works now.

Mercury generally excels at flexibility, but Taurus is arguably the least flexible of all the zodiac signs. So while Mercury travels through Taurus, we may find ourselves digging in and taking rigid positions when opposed by different ideas, concepts, or facts. It’s imperative that we don’t lose our ability to stay open-minded so we can overcome this stubborn resistance to whatever is new or different.

Taurus is a very focused sign that doesn’t get sidetracked easily. During this transit, we have a heightened ability to solidify plans, garner support, and make major forward progress. Our interactions with others are calm and purposeful, keeping drama and distraction to a minimum so we can keep our eyes on our most important goals.

While some of us will be taking more time to think things through, for some that is not going to be a bad thing. Even with some of the negatives that Taurus energies hold they will be overall positive for us this time around. Mercury and Taurus working together right now is going to bring us to do more and be more in life as a whole. While we might not be as quick to start new things, we will be much more ready to finish things once we’ve got them going. 

This in many ways might be the helping hand we’ve been needing to get more done in current times. Sure, this might not sound like a lot but it will make a difference. If you’ve been procrastinating about something, that is likely about to come to an end.