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The great planet Mercury is in the sign Scorpio right now and will remain there until December when it moves into Aquarius. This planet is one that rules over a lot and it being in Scorpio really mixes us up inside.

For those who might not know, the planet Mercury is essentially the messenger of the Gods. It rules over the signs Gemini and Virgo all the while really holding a lot of power when it comes to communication, opportunities, and other things of the sort. This planet as of late has finally gone direct but that doesn’t mean all of the conflicts it brought are over with.

When Mercury is in the sign Scorpio our passions are ignited much more deeply. We are pulled in new directions and forced to reveal the truths we’ve otherwise been hiding. This celestial body being present in Scorpio for some can be quite the damper but for others will help them to figure out where they need to go from here. wrote as follows going over some of the energies this brings forth:

Scorpio thrives in the dark — the realm of secrets and lies, questions and answers, death and transformation. It is an extremely inquisitive sign that is never satisfied with what is simply lying on the surface. Scorpio knows that the real treasures are found when you dig a little deeper, so while mental Mercury moves through the sign of the Scorpion, we all start asking more questions and searching for hidden meanings … but we may not be happy with what we discover…

When Mercury travels through Scorpio, it’s like Mercury is shining a light on all the darkest parts of ourselves. We become more aware of our fears and desires, and the ways that others’ lives impact our own. We can bond in much more intimate ways because we’re able to discuss topics that are normally off-limits.

But Mercury in Scorpio brings out the skeptic in all of us. While it may feel like we’re searching for something wrong in every situation, it’s really about emphasizing our negative thinking to get positive results. By eliminating information and ideas that don’t serve our needs, we make room for those that will.

Our minds are also more suspicious when Mercury is in Scorpio. Because it’s a time that emphasizes secrecy and privacy, we’re quick to assume there are things going on that we don’t know about. But if we push too hard to try to get to the truth — which is very likely under Scorpio’s persistent influence — we risk creating long-term issues of intimacy and mistrust. That said, Mercury in Scorpio does have the potential to foster greater intimacy as well. Because we’re more willing to ask the really hard questions, we might finally get the answers we need to grow closer in the process.

While all of this can be confusing, embrace the energies before you. The truth has to come out sooner or later anyway. Stop holding back and let those secrets fly, you’ll feel better for finally getting things off of your chest.