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Mercury the planet of communication and messenger of the Gods will be moving into Scorpio on October 3rd. While currently, things are not moving too quickly, this might really speed things up.

Mercury, in general, is a planet that controls a lot within our lives. It rules not only communication but also things like our curiosity and our day-to-day expressions. When Mercury is in Scorpio things get a bit trickier than most would expect and when it comes to our relationships, everything changes. Scorpio is a sign full of passion and it can bring forth a sense of confusion that can either cause you to lose something dear to you or finally find something worth hanging onto.

During the time that Mercury is present in the sign Scorpio, we will be much more material driven. We will be looking in places for happiness that we otherwise wouldn’t usually consider and because of all of this might end up finding ourselves thrown off balance drastically. The more grounded you remain during all of this the better. Do all you can to really engage properly with those you care the most for.

It might seem like other people have it better than you or like they’re being appreciated more but, are they? Is everything as it seems or are you just looking at the grass on the other side assuming it is greener than the grass where you are. Should you be looking for something new or building on the foundation of what you already have? While these questions are not easy to answer choosing your answers wisely is crucial as the days continue forth.

Don’t let toxic relationships continue but also make sure your definition of toxic is a proper one. While you’re going to be confused during the time that Scorpio and Mercury are getting to know one another again that does not mean you have to allow them to make your decisions for you. Rather than pushing yourself and your partner over the edge, sit down and talk things out before really diving into anything.

How are you feeling right now in your romantic life? Remember that as the days begin to pass and work through the issues that are actually present within your own mind before addressing romance as a whole. Life is too short to spend it beside someone who isn’t serving you properly. Make sure every step forward is a true step forward. Just because it feels like we’re making progress doesn’t always mean we are.

Mercury in Scorpio is a very emotionally charged ordeal but you can get through it just fine. Remember who you are and keep yourself grounded through it all as noted above. This might be a bit stressful but it is nothing you cannot overcome.