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Mercury will be making way into Sagittarius around November 8th and because of that things are going to be changing. If you haven’t already been feeling things begin to die down, you will soon.

Mercury in Sagittarius will bring forth a lot of communication and make you want to go big or go home. During this time you might feel like embellishing on the truth is a good idea but I can assure you it is not. You are being given a chance to truly be yourself, don’t overdo it.

Because you are a very optimistic person this whole ordeal will make you rethink everything in your life. You will feel like you finally have the energy to get back out there depending on your natal chart. Sometimes this can be a bad thing, sometimes we are not quite as ready as we think we are.

CafeAstrology wrote as follows on their website in regards to Mercury in Sagittarius:

Organization, too, is not a forte of Mercury in Sagittarius. Who has the time for organizing anyway? When the clutter around them gets too unbearable, they’re given to trashing or piling things instead of putting them in their rightful places. They do appreciate lots of room, or at least the illusion of space, when they’re working, studying, or thinking. So, their office might look alright at first glance. Open up a drawer or a closet, however, and you might find it’s bursting its seams.

Conversations with Mercury in Sagittarius are always interesting. You can’t help but admire their enthusiasm. At their worst, they take to preaching instead of conversing. This may not be intentional and can get Mercury in Sagittarius into all kinds of trouble nonetheless. A good debate is hard for people with this position to pass up. Mercury in Sagittarius natives think they are very open-minded–and they are in spots–but they can come across as quite moralistic at times too. They’ll be the first to spot bias or prejudice in everyone else’s communication, but they can be a little blind to their own. They’re not always the best listeners, either, and not adept at picking up the subtleties in your conversation.

You will be feeling as if it is fine to say and do whatever you want because of the confidence radiating from within. Mercury rules over communication and so much more. It is a planet that can create a lot of chaos for us all. When partnered with the fire sign of Sagittarius we all need to be thinking twice before speaking.

Do not be close-minded and remember that exaggerating will get you nowhere. We all have a lot of different things to come and you might not be affected as drastically by this as some will but you will need to keep your mind where it should be. For more information on Mercury in Sagittarius please feel free to check out the video below.