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While the past few months have been a bit insane, once Mercury goes into Capricorn on the 28th things will die down a little bit. Mercury in Capricorn is a very grounded and capable energy that we can all learn a thing or two from.

Mercury itself is the messenger of the Gods. It is a planet that rules over communication and our day-to-day actions as a whole. When this powerhouse is in Capricorn we will all learn just what is real and what is unrealistic at best. This energy will slow us all down and force us to look inward for once.

As it continues forth we will be more productive and able to get things done. Rather than wasting our time and doing things that are not going to help us grow, we will be looking at the bigger picture and making choices that line up with where we want to be once all is said and done. Sure, this might catch you off guard but it is something we all benefit from in the end.

In regards to Mercury in Capricorn wrote as follows, these energies are some we should be keeping an eye out for:

When Mercury enters practical Capricorn, our thoughts come down to earth, our ideas are realistic, and communication becomes very clear. Mercury is the planet that rules our minds and influences the way we think and speak. Because Capricorn is one of the most conservative signs of the zodiac, Mercury’s transit here puts a methodical, rational spin on our thought processes and interactions.

While this may not seem like the most exciting time, Mercury in Capricorn is full of benefits! And the timing couldn’t be better: This transit always happens near the New Year, blessing us with grounded, goal-oriented energy to help us make and keep our resolutions.

Capricorn is the businessman of the zodiac, with its sights set on efficiency and success. While Mercury spends time here, we are inspired to think and act in ways that will help us reach our goals. Capricorn’s influence clears up our thoughts, helping us hone in on the most important and fruitful ideas. We’re also able to be more direct in our communication during this transit, cutting down on misunderstandings and wasted time.

One of the biggest benefits during Mercury in Capricorn is the building of ideas. The many thoughts that run through our minds are easier to organize, and we can see them like puzzle pieces, arranging them until they fit together in the way that makes the most sense. Once we can see our ideas as a solid form, we are able to take action and turn them into reality.

While we tend to be straightforward during this transit, we must beware of the tone we take when interacting with others. Capricorn is acutely aware of hierarchies, which means that conversation may become more controlling than constructive. We all think our ideas are the best ideas during Mercury in Capricorn, but if we spend too much time worrying about who’s in charge, we won’t end up getting much done.

While it might be a bit overwhelming for some the progress you’re about to face is something you should not close yourself off from. Stop wasting away and letting life pass you by. Make an active choice to better yourself and the people around you by making the most of every moment before you. 

Perhaps this whole celestial movement will be enough to kick things in gear for the New Year. As 2020 nears, the mood is being set for a progressive and abundant growth process. We should all be very thankful.