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Mercury has been in Pisces for quite some time, and honestly, I think we are all a bit bored with it by now. However, prepare for things to kick into overdrive, as Mercury is entering Aries, which should be quite the energetic shift for those of us needing a kick in the arse.

For some of us, the past few months may have been emotionally overwhelming, and even pushing us to the brink as the universe has been forcing some major changes into our lives. As the sign of action and facing things head on, we are going to be feeling the motivation, and channeling your inner boss.

And if you are a fire sign, you are definitely going to be tuned into this energy.

However, prepare for unexpected events or even a feeling of ‘Where am I?’ or ‘Where is the time going?’

The fast paced nature may be difficult for Libra, Cancer, and Capricorn, but we will all be feeling it. Pisces, as an emotional sign, and astrological placement, slowed things down, as we all were a bit more in our emotions, our hearts and our minds. Now, with this opposing energy, it may feel like we are on a roller coaster.

But, if you take a moment, and tune into this change, and go with the flow, you are going to enjoy the benefits that Mercury in Pisces provides. For many of us, we will be feeling more social, and putting ourselves out there more, and even with the ability to communicate better. 

And with added energy levels, this combination of energy can help you to accomplish your dreams with work or school. The one thing to watch for, is how Mercury in Aries can cause us to speak impulsively, and forget to use our filters, which in turn could completely undo anything we have achieved under the right circumstances. 

A good rule of thumb would be, if you feel the need to speak your mind, and it comes to you with a fiery passion, wait a bit and meditate on how this will affect you, and then move forward. 

Hone in to what your goals are, with career, schooling, and with love, and set out to (like the ram) face your challenges head on, and become the master of your own universe!

Image via Daily Motion