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We all know Mercury retrograde = chaos. Even if we don’t know much about astrology, we all inherently understand that Mercury retrograde translates quite quickly to the loss of order, communication breaches and everything in between, but the question is: how do we make it through?

And while it is true we just got over the chaos of the last retrograde, it’s happening again…

Honestly, long before I knew much about astrology, I was committed to marking the moon cycles with rituals that helped me make the most of the chaotic changes that took place with each changing moon cycle. And the thing is- the retrograde is no different. Magic, ritual, and manifestation is key to reigning those energies in and taking charge of your life.

During the Mercury retrograde, because of Mercury’s stronghold over effective communication and self-expression, we may feel an inability to properly communicate. We will often deliver the most sensitive of messages with impulse, thus completely tearing down the necessary bridges that make the gaps between effective and ineffective. So, how does ritual help? By focusing our intention, we can not only prevent negativity from completely destroying our spiritual well-being, but it also provides us with the ability to take advantage of this chaos (think chaos magic) to create something meaningful.

While the chaos will be causing a block in proper communication, work to sweeten bonds to improve them as a way to counteract.

You will need:

A silver candle
A quartz crystal
A citrine crystal
A small jar
Real, and raw honey
A red pouch

Take the honey, and set it next to the citrine and quartz about an hour before ritual time. When the time begins, find a quiet place to sit. If you are already dealing with communication gone sour, focus on that relationship. Otherwise, focus on relationships in general.

Meditate over communicating effectively. Envision yourself glowing with positivity and glowing with a beautiful aura. Now, pour the honey into the jar, and sprinkle the rosemary in. Talk to the jar sweetly. Truly feel the positivity you speak into the jar. Tell it you love it, and that you mean it no harm. Hold it, and rub it lovingly. Do this as long as you can. Now, place the jar inside the pouch, with the crystals. Until the retrograde ends, carry the sweetened jar. When you feel negativity and miscommunication slip in, add a drop to some tea or coffee and sip it.