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As we move forth we’re all in need of a break. All throughout October things have been pretty intense and well, that might be coming to an end in some ways.

2020 is not over yet and November may prove to be an intense month as well but at the very least on November 3rd Mercury will finally be stationing direct once again. This meaning it will no longer be retrograding. While that might not seem like much to some, of Mercury has been wreaking havoc in your life, you cannot wait.

When Mercury is retrograding tensions are very high and communicating is harder than it should be, but when it goes direct things mellow back out. As this great planet goes direct we will all notice that things will be much more relaxed and calmed down. While the energies associated with the retrograde will drag out for a bit, they will die off pretty quickly this time around.

Astrology King wrote as follows on Mercury going direct:

Mercury stations direct on Tuesday, November 3, 2020, at 25°53′ Libra. The chart below shows Mercury direct in a challenging square aspect to Saturn. This causes sadness, inhibition, and communication problems.

Fortunately Mercury direct is also influenced by the two most fortunate stars used in astrology. However, one of them, Arcturus, when harshly aspected like this, can become troublesome, especially if involved in legal action.

This whole ordeal holds the aspect Mercury Square Saturn as well which for most of us will mean things will be moving much slower than usual. We will finally be able to get our points across, but we will also be a bit harder to handle when it comes to the people who matter the most to us. yeah, tensions will be going down in some ways, but they might leave us paying too much attention to certain things.

Breathe a little deeper as this planet gets back to how it should be. Take this time to really feel for yourself where you should be moving forth. Life might be complicated right now but as the days keep passing you as a person will be growing a lot.

All of this considered, don’t jump into new things too quickly. Still hold off on some decisions and think things through properly. Life might not be normal just yet but you’re well on your way to finding yourself again very soon. To learn more about what November could hold for us as it rolls out take a look at the video below.