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On the night of Halloween October 31st Mercury will be entering Sagittarius. While this might not be something you think much of, it is something that will have drastic effects on us all.

Halloween on its own is already an energetically charged night. It is something that brings forth the unimaginable. Because Mercury happens to be entering Sagittarius on this night we can expect a shift in energies. This shift will make things even more unpredictable.

Mercury in Sagittarius often shifts our thinking. It pushes us to really learn more and makes our desires quite unique. We will be more optimistic and more willing to believe in the unknown or the things that many would not be open to. While this influence is not always a positive one it is one that brings forth a serious change.

During this time you might really want to go out and experience new things. You will become fearless even just for a short period of time and that could get you into some trouble. If you allow yourself to be swept away, there is no telling where you might end up. That being said, having some fun and getting out there isn’t a bad idea.

During this time do not be afraid of anything! Just allow your true self to be set free. While you will be a bit out of place you will be more than willing to finally fight back and set things right in your life. This night will be all about freedom one way or another.

You don’t have to go out and do anything spooky if you don’t want to, but if you are going to let these energies properly work for you maybe give into that openness I mentioned before. You will be able to see the bigger picture and how you can get there. Try not to argue with the people closest to you and really put your best foot forward.

If you are someone who spends a lot of time inside this might be the perfect time to get out in nature or spend some time in the fresh air. For more on what this might mean for you check out the video below. While there is always going to be something going on in the world of the celestial bodies, this is a chance for you to have some real fun.