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While not everyone realizes this, all moon phases are important. Some affect us more than others, but they all have a hold on us most cannot explain. 

The new moon and full moon get the most attention but all the other moon phases bring their own energies our way as well. For instance the first quarter moon we’re about to face on the 19th of this month (May). This moon will call us to action in ways we might not be used to. This moon brings a lot of us to be more active and really allows us to come out of our shells more and more. 

I know, it might not look like much but for many of us it packs a powerful punch. This moon phase will help us flow more properly and really force change within our lives. While we cannot rely solely on these energies they will kick a lot of things in gear, especially if you’re facing some kind of blockage in the energetic world. 

Lunar Ladies wrote as follows about the energies this kind of moon holds:

The First Quarter Moon is when we meet challenges and opportunities to remove blocks that impede our New Moon intentions.

This force to remove blocks is what impels us to take action. The energetic availability, plus the buildup of force, gives you the power needed to break through old blocks, patterns and obstacles. With more energy, you are able to make on-the-spot decisions about how to proceed and then do what needs to be done in order for your intentions to manifest. Your mantra here is “Action Jackson” or “Just do it”! It is a time for action.

During this time exactly half of the moon is lit up and the other half is hidden in the shadows. This is symbolic in a lot of ways and signifies we are working hard to figure out which side to go with. We are making decisions and really trying to come to terms with our lives and who we truly are. 

Don’t take this moon for granted, it could be exactly what you need to get where you want to be as time progresses. Sure, it is a bit frustrating sometimes but it always does the trick for most of us or at least kicks us in gear. If you’ve been lacking motivation this moon will bring you more than enough to get you back moving.