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While you might not think much about how your life varies from month to month, it is clear some are better than others. The placement of the things in the celestial world hold power over the things we do and how our energies move forth in this life.

Right now there are tons of different things happening in the world and outer space. Those things hold power over our energies and where we head on from this point. Everything from the retrogrades of Saturn and Pluto to Taurus Season are swaying us back and forth right now. Below I am going to go over the horoscope of each sign for this month and what they should be focusing the most on. This month is going to be a very positive one but still quite confusing.

Whether you’re ready for May to be here or not, it is present and working wonders in our lives. The alignments before us will be challenging, but they will not break us. We are capable of so much more than we tend to realize.


This month is going to be quite frustrating for you. You’re going to be focusing more on the business side of things and working through the issues that you’ve been facing lately. Getting things done should always be a priority but remembering not to overwork yourself is something you’re about to have to work on whether you want to or not.


Since this month is one primarily focused on Taurus season, you’re in for quite a treat. Things are going to be falling into place over and over again. You’re karmic energies are finally doing something positive for you and you’re without a doubt here for it.


Things might start off rocky but when the month gets about halfway through you will notice a drastic change of heart. You’re going to find something that you’ve been looking hard for. While this isn’t in the form you expected it to be, it is going to help you grow more than you could ever imagine.


This month is going to be very intense for you. You’re about to be forced to work on your control issues and that in itself is hard. This kind of thing could place you exactly where you need to be if you allow it to. Don’t shy away from the things to come, allow them to work for you.


You are going to see great accomplishments this month. A lot of things that you have been putting off are finally going to get done. During this time remember that you are only as good as your weakest link, weed out those who are using you and move forth properly. The more good you send out right now, the more good you will also receive.


You’re going through a rough patch in life but you’re almost ready to move onto something new. The problems before you are nowhere near as large as they once were and you’re about to make a connection that will change everything. Perhaps your hard work really is about to get you somewhere you could not have ever seen coming.


Do your best not to overspend right now. There is something rough headed your way and if you do not use your money wisely, it might really catch you off guard. Remember there is nothing wrong with leaning on your support system from time to time.


People are flocking to you right now and you don’t know what to do with all of this attention. During the month of May, you are going to be working hard and putting your best foot forward, literally. Use the things headed your way to your advantage and see how far you can get before this month reaches its end.


During this month exploring yourself rather than the world might do you a lot more favors. Stop holding back and start diving in. There is a lot going on that you are not allowing yourself to see. Reach as deep as you can if you want to really uncover your truest self.


You spend a lot of time avoiding relationships but this time you won’t be able to. Whether you’re already in one or you’re about to be in one, something is about to reach a turning point. Try to focus on communication right now and really work to find a sense of balance that promotes a positive mindset for everyone involved. May might change everything for you.


May isn’t going to be the best month of the year for you but it is going to be a nice one. You’re going to be doing your best to really find firm footing so that you can get where you want to be. You’re going to be learning more about your partner than you would have expected and growth is going to be inevitable. Don’t be the kind of person to jump to conclusions during this time, the more optimistic you are the better.


You are going to be down in the dumps for a while during this month but it is going to bring you to somewhere special. Perhaps instead of sulking, you should put the emotions before you into something creative. A lot of the most amazing pieces of art have been created during the artist’s most dark moments.