As if we needed another reason to love Mr. McConaughey, we sure have been given one. This man and his family instead of sitting around bored during this quarantine have been working on some amazing things.

McConaughey and his family just days ago hosted a virtual game of Bingo for seniors living at The Enclave at Round Rock Senior Living. These seniors were able to participate from the safety of their own bedrooms and really seemed to enjoy themselves just as much as McConaughey did. Now, for those who might not know this facility is an independent and assisted living facility just outside of Austin, Texas.

While it might have only been for a few rounds, things really got lively as the gaming progressed and you can really tell it made a huge difference in the moral overall for those participating. The facility itself posted on Facebook noting that the residents themselves had a great time playing and that they loved talking with Matthew himself about different things. Virtual Bingo overall is a genious idea for those stuck at home during this time and is especially wonderful for seniors who are most at risk right now. 

Facilities like this one are having to be creative right now to keep those in their care content and engaged and this is a great means of exactly that. Sure, lockdown might suck but being able to video chat with and play Bingo with someone like Matthew surely was a light in all of this darkness for these people. We hope other facilities will get behind things like this and encourage those who are stuck at home to make the most of the time before them. 

To see McConaughey playing Bingo feel free to check out the video below. He without a doubt had a blast and I’m sure will end up doing this kind of thing again. If you’re able to perhaps getting something like this going locally would be a great idea. This is social distancing done right. While we cannot physically come together right now the internet can make so many amazing things happen.

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