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While it might not always be as apparent, toxic energies are all around us. They come from lots of different things and can even be pushed on us by other people.

Protecting yourself from them might sound simple enough but all too often people forget how important it can be. Your personal energy is what keeps you going and if it too becomes negative, you’re in for a lot of discontent, that’s for sure. When it comes to your spiritual self as a whole, knowing protection goes a long way.

Below I am going to go over some tips for protecting yourself in this sense. While some of them might sound silly they all come in handy. I try to keep up with all of these as best I can.

5 Protection Tips For Keeping Your Personal Energy As It Should Be:

1. Don’t Forget The Salt

While we all know salt, in general, can help ward off negative energies a lot of people forget how beneficial using it in their lives can be. Whether you’re just keeping cups of saltwater around your home or actually using it for a ritual, the negative energies around you will be drawn to it and away from you. I tend to use salt quite often and if you’re looking to do-so as well you should really dive into the concept as a whole, you will learn a lot that way.

2. Keep Your Favorite Crystals Close

There are tons of crystals out there for protection and many that absorb negative energies. For instance, amethyst and black tourmaline are some of the best for this kind of thing. Keep them close to your person and do not forget them.

3. Distance Yourself From Those Who Leave You Feeling Drained

If someone is leaving you feeling drained every time you’re seeing them then chances are they’re feeding off of you or their energies as a whole are affecting you. These people are the ones we need distance from even if it might suck at first. Sure, they can be important to us but if we are suffering we must do what is best for our own wellbeing.

4. Smudge Often

Using your favorite smudging tools smudge your home as well as your body at least once a week. This will keep toxic energies at bay and prevent the energies around you from becoming stagnant. Stagnant energies can sometimes become just as bad as toxic or negative ones when left as they are for too long.

5. Meditate With White Light

When meditating opt to use your mind’s eye to envision a white light radiating from within and flowing through your chakras. This too helps prevent others from draining you and allows your own energies to remain more-so in check. I know, it might sound silly but it’s a powerful tool to be aware of.