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As you may know, this month there will be an extra day. This extra day is something we only get once every four years and it holds great significance. 

When you look into numerology the day itself is quite spectacular. For starters, the day is 29 which broken down to 2 +9 is 11. For those who do not know, 11 is a master number. The number 11 is the most intuitive of all numbers. It holds great illumination for each of us and when it is in power we are much more sporadic but also able to see things we otherwise might not be able to see.

That all having been said if you just look at the number 29 itself as for instance for the date of your birth it holds great meaning for you. If you were born on the 19th you are a very creative person and you are able to figure things out quickly. You are quite gifted and are much more capable than most others realize.

In regards to those born on the 19th wrote as follows:

You are acutely sensitive and easily influenced by your surroundings. You love beauty and harmony. You crave social interaction and much attention. You can be very emotional, often experiencing extremes of happiness and sadness. Despite your sensitivity, you possess leadership abilities. You are modest, diplomatic and polite. You have the ability to persuade, and can be quite forceful.

Your high sensitivity to others makes you compassionate, kind and gentle. You have an opportunity for fame and success as long as you do not pursue either as your gods. Look for ways to help others and convey a larger message, with which you were blessed. This will bring you the material and social fruits you desire.

On some level, you know that you are in the hands of destiny and that you must surrender to the higher powers that shape your life. You are usually a late bloomer. Your early and mid-30s tend to be years spent in apprenticeship and slow development. During this period, you can become frustrated with your progress, or the apparent lack of it. You need to develop faith. You are a highly charged person with much to do, but you must develop character and sound judgment before you begin to tap your true potential. Just as a tree needs roots to grow tall, so, too, do you need to develop a depth of character in order to begin to expand in the ways you desire and ultimately envision.

The 29th of February is quite special because as noted above it only happens once every four years. It holds energies that will both help us to find our purpose in this world and create more powerful connections while we spend our time here on this planet. While this leap day is before us we should all be working to embrace the energies it is offering.

When this day is present you should work to meditate as often as possible so that you will be more grounded in your movements. These energies can be quite overwhelming and grounding yourself during them is always a good option. For more information on the leap day we’re about to face and what it could mean for you please check out the videos below. When it comes to numbers we all need to be paying a little more attention.

Are you ready for all that is to come or do you overlook leap days like this one each time they come around?