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We have been experiencing solar storms a lot lately, and this month there have already been quite a few. Well, They are not over another one has been spotted by NASA and is well on its way.

Actually, the storm itself might be hitting today, and this is alarming as we just had one hit within a week ago. While this storm will brighten the Auroras it will also have lots of effects on us as humans. These storms are in full force and should not be ignored. Between Geomagnetic and solar radiation storms we are going to be feeling anxious, to say the least.

If you have been feeling quite frazzled lately this is most likely why. Storms of this kind are often able to mess with our personal energies without us being able to really tell, they bring forth a sense of doom and make us overly exhausted when we might not have done much of anything at all. The Russian Academy of Science predicts that there are going to be lots of geomagnetic storms from now until the 26th of this month, that is something everyone needs to be aware of.

These storms are not something we should let hold up back but we should be aware of their effect on us. They play with our energies and seek to make us weak if we allow them to do so. You may notice a change in your sleeping pattern and other things of the sort.

These storms can damage satellites and can even cause blackouts but this kind of damage is not something that happens often. Sure we are technically safe here on Earth but our energies are always exposed. Storms like this make our emotions run high and peak our anxiety as well as other things we may deal with. Do not let these solar storms get the best of you. They will not be able to control you once their power is lost and it will be lost as time goes by.

You may experience pressure headaches, intense dreams be them good or bad, and even a feeling of panic without reason. There are many reasons associated with these kinds of solar storms. Do your best to protect yourself from the things that are working against you. Drink more water, meditate, and remember that this will pass. Just because these energies are overwhelming doesn’t mean the next will be.

According to Natalia Kuna, these are other things you need to be aware of when it comes to storms of this stature and their effects on us:

Tingly head (crown chakra activation)

Irritable mood

Losing items or they somehow mysteriously return

Time warps/glitches – you lose periods of time or have odd
experiences such as feeling like only a few minutes have passed and yet you look at the clock and it’s actually been an hour or the other way around.

Being aware of other dimensions

Seeing or sensing spirits, heightened paranormal activity

Sudden insights and revelations that seem to come out of

Technology/telecommunication devices, computer systems going haywire

I know if you are a sensitive person you have been feeling these things for quite some time now but it does good to put this kind of thing into words for those who do not quite understand what they are facing.