While it might not sound like much on the 13th of this month (August) Mars squared Pluto. This brought forth some interesting energies and well, they’ve been working for all of us in ways we might not realize. 

When Mars squared Pluto we all became more willing to show our true colors. Our desires became more clear and some of us even allowed our ambitions to flourish more properly. That being said, this concept is not over, this celestial event will be happening two more times very soon and each time its energies will become more and more powerful. 

Astrology King wrote as follows breaking down the energies this kind of celestial event brings forth for us:

Mars square Pluto transit means power struggles and confrontations. This is because of your intense desire to gain control over others, or of situations. You may also notice a need to climb the ladder and achieve a more powerful position in your profession. Even if you chose to play it safe, you may have to deal with other people trying to dominate you or challenge your ego or position at work.

You see, by repressing the strong urge to meet your goals, this internalized hot energy will be expressed through the aggressive actions of others, or of groups of people. So to avoid being a victim, it is better to strive for success but do so in a careful way. Avoid ruthlessness, jealousy, and underhand tactics. Also, try not to be overly assertive or make others feel threatened. This especially applies to superiors or those in a position of authority. People with more power than you will have the upper hand during this transit, so now is not the time to be starting fights and making enemies.

Mars will also square Pluto on the 9th of October and on the 20th of December. We should keep both of these dates in our minds moving forward. While these energies will wan a bit in between their instances, they will overall be influencing us for quite some time.

We all need to be more aware of our thoughts right now and throughout the last few months of 2020. As we move forward we will be tested in a lot of different ways and if we allow restlessness to take hold of our hearts, we may fall further behind than expected. 

If you want to use these energies to your advantage, you need to be willing to see things from an outside perspective. The more you allow your judgment and things of that nature to become clouded the more unsure of yourself you may end up.

All of this having been said, there is nothing too terrible to be concerned about. The more grounded we remain the better. Things might not sound as exciting as you’d assume but you’ll find what you’re looking for in time.

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