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Mars is a planet that has been retrograding for quite some time now as it started back in September. It has been pushing and pulling us all over the place ever since and well, its Aries energies have us feeling pretty out of whack.

If you’re ready for this retrograde to be over, you’re not the only one. Most are well past over this celestial event, I know I sure am. The red planet will be going direct on November 13th still in the sign Aries. This will be offering us a little bit of freedom and really helping us to find ourselves more properly.

Perhaps it should be mentioned that the day this planet comes out of retrograde happens to be on Friday the 13th. This will be the second Friday the 13th of the year and well, that in itself also holds some peculiar energies as a whole. While Mars might not be a planet most people get upset over when it dives into Retrograde, we almost always feel weight come off our shoulders when it finally goes direct.

Once this planet goes direct give it a few weeks before things calm down properly. You’re going to be dealing with a lot of different residual effects here and there. The red planet when in retrograde can bring a lot of problems forth and tends to make us more intuitive or instinctual. Once it goes direct this shifts, and we are able to act much more rationally.

When Mars is direct not only do we feel more sane, but we also feel like things are going more properly as well. This planet is one that rules over things like action and desires. It is the God of War and well, it really brings a lot to the table whether we want to admit it or not.

When this planet is as it should be we will not be as aggressive and brutal in general. During retrograde periods for Mars, we tend to let our emotions get the best of us and refuse to think things through properly. I for one cannot wait for this planet to go direct.

What do you think of Mars retrograding in general and has it done damage for you this time around? I know it might not sound like much but this planet going direct will help us all grow in ways that we otherwise might not be capable of. Use your mind more as things change, you will be thankful for it once all is said and done.