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On the 20th of March, something interesting will be happening in the celestial world. Mars will be conjunct Jupiter and with that energies will shift once more. 

When Mars is conjunct Jupiter we are all offered something unique. While those with this natal to them will be more fortunate than the rest, we will all be feeling more confident and perhaps willing to take more risks. Jupiter for those who do not know is a planet we often associate with the bringing of good luck.

In regard to Mars conjunct Jupiter Tarot By Cecelia wrote as follows:

If you have been waiting for the Universe to offer up a green light for your projects, this is it. All systems are go now to initiate those things which you have been holding back on for the proper moment. You will have the drive and confidence to succeed. Take advantage of this opportunity because this marvelous aspect only comes around every couple of years, and its repeating in a particular sign is much rarer. In this instance, you are dealing with a grounded, practical, Capricorn energy which you should benefit from greatly, as it will keep you from biting off more than you can chew by way of being overly optimistic and over the top.

During the time that this specific energy holds power in our world, we should consider what we are doing in our lives. Some of us will be feeling more held back while others seemingly pushed forward. The more optimistic you are during this time the better.

As this transit is underway you should work to start new things and put your energy where it will work the best. As a collective, we will all become much stronger and able to follow our truest desires properly. Do not sit around and let these energies go to waste. Allow success to find you and really work to put yourself out there.

Astrology King also noted the following when going over the energetic side of this transit:

Any relationship problems would be due to other aspects in your chart. You will need a certain amount of freedom as you enjoy a range of activities and love to socialize. You would prefer to be around other positive people and should find a partner with a high sex drive.

You are able to be assertive and direct about achieving your goals and desires. Others will admire you for this upfront and honest approach. You have a fighting spirit and will be generally successful in any advances you make. You can also easily enlist the support of others. Your specialty is anything physical or courageous, so you should do well at sports, the military, or other competitive careers such as business or the law. Your creative talents would help you in more artistic fields.

While this transit won’t last long its presence in our lives might be here for a little longer than you’d expect. See where these things take you and don’t be afraid. Sure, it might catch you off guard but not in a bad way. 

For more information on this transit as well as some others going on around this time check out the video below. We’re all heading towards something amazing. These energies are going to blow us all away.