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Mars has made its way into Pisces and will continue to travel until it enters Aries on December 31st. Because Pisces is the sign of creativity and imagination, this is going to be an interesting period for us all.

Mars in Pisces brings forth mild temperament and a gentle nature we have all been needing. Each sign is in for something different but all will be expressing themselves more. With compassion rising, this celestial event may conflict with other planetary energies taking place at the present moment. Below I am going to go over what each sign should be preparing for as we move deeper into these energies.


You are going to be feeling the desire to change during this event. As time goes by, you will really want to break free of the situations that are currently holding you back. You are always willing to push the limits but you’ve never done so in this way. While it won’t be too difficult of a change, it is something that you should keep in mind.


During this time, you will be feeling extremely emotional. Remember to not get too ahead of yourself. Take a step back and deal with life as it comes your way. Now is not going to be the time to dive into anything big. Let go of the past and continue to move forward into the future.


During this time, you might feel ready to put yourself out there again. Right now success is ready to find you and you should not be hiding from it. Instead, embrace this opportunity and take advantage of everything that is presented to you.


You are content but you are not as happy as you should be. Stop settling in life and in your relationships. During this time you need to find something that you truly believe in, something that really sparks that fire within your soul. You are financially stable and have everything going for you, so don’t stop there.


Right now you need to be taking care of the people who matter the most to you. You are being pushed to nurture rather than guide and while you’re not used to this, you will excel if you are prepared for the shift ahead of you. Do not ignore the immense energies that will soon begin to surge within those relationships.


You are feeling great change headed your way and everything feels out of whack. Remember to not be so judgemental as this is taking place. Let go of what you think when you first meet others and let the power of this shift bring you to someone you need to be around. People may present themselves in ways that are not actually true to who they really are.


You need to finally learn how to let go and begin to understand yourself. You are very lucky right now and you need to embrace it. As the creative juices within you begin to flow, you need to allow things happen as the universe intends for them to. By the time Mars has completely moved into Pisces, you will have a completely different perspective on life.


As someone who tends to be quite stressed without showing it, your guard might finally be coming down. You are going to be less able to hide your true colors and pushed to reveal your deepest secrets to those closest to you. Don’t be so sensitive in the weeks to come, as you are headed towards a deeper understanding. Stop closing yourself off so much, and allow your walls to finally come down.


You are going to be very busy during this time. You are going to be taking charge and getting everything done that you’ve been putting off. For some reason, you are usually quite irresponsible, however, this event will present you with the opportunity to turn over a new leaf.


Things are not what they seem. While you will be feeling great, the issues within you are growing. You are going to have to work out a plan for getting whatever is bothering you off of your chest, otherwise, you’re going to explode. Keep in mind that this event may not be a positive transition for everyone.


With Mars moving into Pisces, you will not be your typical self.  You will be doing things you normally would not do and breaking free from the status quo. There is nothing wrong with taking a break from time to time. Give yourself this moment of relaxation, because you have earned it.


As this shift progresses, you will be feeling as if you are finally seeing things in a better light. You have experienced a lot of turmoil over the past few months and all of that is finally coming to an end. For now, things will finally begin to get back to normal.