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Mars was in Pisces for quite some time but has recently made its way into Aries (December 31st). This shift will bring forth a lot of new energies, and chances are, you might not be ready for them!

Aries is Mars’ home sign and when the two are together, we are in for quite a treat. Mars being in Aries offers us a highly motivating and very exciting energy. During this time you will be feeling quite confident some might even say cocky, and if you use the energies before you properly, you will be ready to begin a new path in life.

Mars is a very strong and independent planet, and he comes with a fierce side that most others are not going to be able to face with open arms. Mars fits perfectly into Aries and when the two are together they are a force to be reckoned with. This transit in itself will force you to get up and get out into the world whether you think you want to or not. wrote as follows in regards to the energies before each of us coming from this transit:

And while this incredible surge in energy can be beneficial, it can also become a challenge in our lives and relationships. Because we’re less concerned with consequences, impulsive behavior is likely. We may find that we experience more outbursts of anger, or that our direct approach rubs others the wrong way. Mars in Aries makes us all feel like “it’s my way or the highway,” which means we aren’t willing to meet others halfway. We could end up butting heads more frequently due to the aggressive energy in the air.

Mars in Aries is quite impulsive even though you might not think it is. It will really bring us to let go of the past and break free from any grudges or resentment we’ve been holding onto. During this time we will be listening to our instincts more and finally taking the initiative we’ve been needing to.

Whether you feel like the energies before you are too much or easy to face, they will be doing a lot in your life and the lives of those around you. As we bring in the New Year these energies are exactly the ones we need to be coming to. Remember to keep yourself as grounded as possible and see where you end up.

This kind of thing is intense and yet still quite relaxing for a number of reasons. So unless you’re allowing yourself to become overwhelmed this won’t be too bad on you.

Perhaps now you can finally get some things sorted out and move forward in the manner that you have always wanted. While you might feel conflicted everything will begin to make sense as time passes. These energies will follow you into the New Year and stick with you until February so using them to your advantage is probably the best option you have. Do not allow them to become stagnant!

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