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Mars is currently in Gemini and has been there ever since the last day of March. It will remain in Gemini until May 15th and with that, we all need to be aware of what is happening in the celestial world.

Mars for those who do not know is the planet that rules over our passions and really promotes great actions. It is considered a pioneer in many ways and can be strongly associated with aggression and influence of all kinds. Mars is always making things happen in our lives but when it is in Gemini, Mars changes in ways that you might not expect it to.

Mars In Gemini

When Mars is in Gemini as it is now, we become quite scattered and some of us might even struggle to focus properly. According to Cafe Astrology, Mars and Gemini when paired push our energy levels up and really leave us changing pace quite frequently. Chances are you’re going to be feeling quite free-spirited in the days to come and you might struggle with filtering the things you say.

Mars when in Gemini shakes us to our cores and leaves us lacking in the routine area. It makes us spread quite thin and have us questioning things we normally wouldn’t question. You will be able to communicate more properly but that doesn’t mean everything is going to come as easily as you want it to. wrote as follows in regards to Mars being in Gemini and the expectations we should hold:

You can say goodbye to boredom while active Mars moves through curious Gemini. With Mars in Gemini, we’re so excited to explore new ideas and start new hobbies that we have no interest in sitting around idly. There’s so much out there to discover, and Mars’ transit through Gemini is just the time to do it.

However, because there are so many things that pique our interest during this transit, it’s hard to stay focused on one thing for too long. The challenge is to stay on track — or, to realize that many tracks can take us to our goal. Diversity is the name of Gemini’s game, and Mars in Gemini is about tasting, rather than making a total commitment. We have a greater amount of flexibility when it comes to how we go after what we want. If Plan A doesn’t work out, it’s no problem. We can quickly come up with a Plan B, C, and even D.

Gemini is a childlike, fun-loving sign, but Mars in Gemini isn’t all fun and games. We’re quick to move from one thing to the next during this transit, but there could be consequences for leaving projects unfinished. We’re like butterflies, flitting about a garden of interests. This satisfies our need for discovery, but it could also make us feel generally scattered and unfocused.

Because Mars is the planet of action and drive, it’s no surprise that it’s also the planet of passion and sex. While Mars is in Gemini, the greatest erogenous zone becomes the brain, and we simply must have mental stimulation with our partners before anything else. A meeting of the minds is the biggest turn-on of all when Mars treks through this sign.

Perhaps this is your chance to get where you want to be in your love life or maybe it’s time for you to grow within? Regardless of the route you choose to take, these energies will work wonders for you. Holding back and closing yourself off isn’t going to do any good, embrace all that is before you and see where this celestial event brings you.