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As of the 27th Mars is now in Aries and this has been a very interesting transition for a lot of reasons. When Mars is in Aries we are all offered energies that help us find ourselves be it one way or another. 

Mars in Aries brings our intuitive side out but also reminds us to listen to our instincts with many things. It pushes us to really get work done and be more productive all the while for some of us coming across as a bit overwhelming. This whole ordeal is going to be quite a learning experience and I mean that in the best possible way. wrote as follows about when Mars is in Aries:

Mars is the planet of action, and when he’s in Aries, he’s on top of the world. He’s strong, independent, and fierce. There’s nothing — absolutely nothing — that will stand in his way, no matter what he wants to accomplish. Mars in Aries is always triumphant.

Fiery Aries is a Cardinal sign characterized by immediacy, activity, and pioneering, so Mars fits perfectly into this fast-paced environment. Because there is little resistance during Mars in Aries, it almost feels like our obstacles melt away. But it’s not like they’ve totally disappeared — we’re just too driven and confident to be daunted by them. Even though we’ll probably face these obstacles at some point down the road, that’s not the point of Mars in Aries. This transit is not about planning. It’s about moving forward, regardless of what may stand in our way later.

We’ll want to blaze trails, push ourselves, and tone our bodies and minds. We’ll be more likely to do things we’ve never done before during this transit. Mars and Aries are both about trying, not about winning. Success comes from participation rather than the conquest.

And while this incredible surge in energy can be beneficial, it can also become a challenge in our lives and relationships. Because we’re less concerned with consequences, impulsive behavior is likely. We may find that we experience more outbursts of anger, or that our direct approach rubs others the wrong way. Mars in Aries makes us all feel like “it’s my way or the highway,” which means we aren’t willing to meet others halfway. We could end up butting heads more frequently due to the aggressive energy in the air.

As you can see, if you’re an emotional person this might bring out sides of you that you’re not used to seeing but that is fine. Don’t be too alarmed at where things end up. This cosmic shift is not something to fear. It is going to really get things moving in regard to where you need to be in life. 

Some of us may even notice a lot more confidence coming forth. You may decide that now is the time for you to break the mold and really show your true colors to the people closest to you and well, you shouldn’t hesitate in that sense. Aries is a very bold sign and it is one that we are not usually able to ignore the influence of. 

This year is full of energies and some of those energies are going to be more positive than others. The more you embrace what is before you the further you may find yourself along your journey in this world. Things are really beginning to look up for us all.