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While it might not seem like it, Mars for a while now has held lots of power over us. This planet has been in retrograde since September 9th and will finally be going direct on November 13th.

Mercury goes direct on November 3rd and while this event in itself will bring a lot of clarity forth, it won’t allow us all to be as content as we may want to be. From there we will be given the chance to relax a bit and better understand the things before us. However, clarity will not properly come until the 13th has come and gone.

From the 13th things will begin dying down. We will be able to focus more on the things we like to do and finding our freedom in new ways. Don’t get me wrong the retrograding energies will not be gone overnight, but they will be melting away with each day that passes which for most of us is a very good thing.

Forever Conscious wrote as follows about Mars going direct:

After months of being held back, we are finally going to feel supported to move forward and take the actions we have wanted to make.

New inspirations may find us, and we may even find that projects we started back earlier this year receive a new life or a new burst of energy.

If you have been working on something and struggling to get it off the ground, you may find that Mars turning direct motivates you to get things moving.

To help activate this energy, consider bringing new life or making some changes to whatever projects you have been struggling to get off the ground.

Look for new inspiration and perhaps open your mind to think about things differently.

By making some changes and tuning into the lessons of Mars retrograde, it will help you to get your projects moving forward with more speed and ease.

Mars retrograde is really the Universe reminding us to slow down and relax.

In this go-go world, we forget to sometimes pause and reflect on what we are doing and where we are heading.

Forever Conscious also noted that Mars as a whole will not be retrograding again until about October of 2022 which is a long while from now. The energies before us are going to be quite interesting. While we are going to be able to think more clearly we are also going to be a bit more on edge depending on how things play out. Take each day one step at a time, things are not always as intense as they seem to be.