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Marriage might not be something everyone considers as being important but those who do think it is important have their reasons as to why. Sure, it might have to do with a piece of paper but that’s not all marriage is.

Marriage for many is a sign of union. It is the ultimate show of love. When two people who truly care for one another decide to get married they are making a promise to one another that they will be spending their lives together and taking care of one another no matter what the world throws at them. It’s a vow that each part will be there for the other in sickness and in health through all of lifes ups and downs.

Marriage is so much more than just a piece of paper to those who choose to go through it. It a point of celebration and a reason to come together. It binds one person with another and intertwines their lives forever whether they remain together or not in the end. Marriage is what you make of it. If you truly want to get married then don’t let other people downplay its importance. That being said, if you don’t want to get married that too is fine.

Marriage is a promise to the force you believe in that you and your partner will care for one another through the things this world brings your way. You will support one another and share the good moments as well as the bad. It is a way to bring yourself and your partner together in ways that otherwise might not be possible. You take the same last name or something of the sort and really become one in that sense.

You shouldn’t be marrying just anyone and you should be making sure that the people you consider marrying are people worth giving this part of yourself to. Whether you’ve been in a lot of relationships beforehand or none, doesn’t matter. This in many ways takes things to a whole new level and is something that you can’t find in a normal average relationship if you’re married you know exactly what I mean. However, that is not to undermine the relationships others have outside of marriage. You can love someone with all your being without getting married to them.

While this might sound like it’s a lot of back and forth I hope you get the intent behind it. Marriage is what you make it and if it to you is the way you come together completely with the person who matters most in your life, go for it. Sometimes things are more than just what they appear to be and that we all need to work to really understand properly.

How do you feel about marriage? Do you feel like it’s just a piece of paper or is it to you more than that? I guess in the end we all have our own opinions on this kind of thing.