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March 2nd will bring us the new moon in Pisces, and the energy surrounding this new moon is intense. And while the overall energy of this moon will be optimistic and push us to dive deep, it will affect each of us differently.

Every 28 days, the moon cycles from new to full. The new moon is the time to set new intentions and begin new journeys. With this new moon falling under Pisces, we will feel a newfound urge to listen to our spirit and take guidance from within.

Additionally, Pisces is a water sign, making this a sensitive time. For each zodiac sign, we will feel a different manifestation of this energy. And the following five zodiac signs will feel it more than anyone!


As one of the more active signs, you are always hyperfocused on making your next move. However, when it comes to inner work and spiritual work, you sometimes struggle to make time to look within, because you are always moving. With Pisces pushing you to retreat inward, you are likely to find that you will be feeling torn. Remember: it’s okay to slow down and reflect sometimes.


Due to this full moon highlighting one of the more vulnerable areas of your chart, you are going to be feeling a bit exposed. You may be feeling a strong pull to fix your image, however, your energy would most likely be better spent focusing on your career.


Your relationships are going to be at the forefront of your mind during this time. You will likely be feeling a strong pull to work on friendships, romantic relationships, and really any connection in your life. If any of your relationships have been placed on the backburner recently, it’s likely you will feel the pull to reconnect. Take this time to expand your social circle, work on a current relationship or find new ones.


With this moon highlighting your house of domestic affairs, you are likely feeling a need to focus on your current situation. Regardless of what changes are presented, it’s time to focus more on your personal life, which could have you feeling a bit sentimental.


The new moon in Pisces is falling under your sign, so it’s going to be extra intense for you. While you typically are a dreamy person, this moon will have a different effect on you, and in ways will be somewhat grounding.