Amidst all of this chaos, there is going to be a new moon on the 24th of this month. This new moon will be in Aries and with it bring very challenging aspects forth.

Unlike your average new moon, this one will be full of fear and bringing forth more grief than anything. However, the power of Chiron will be present bringing forth a sense of healing deep within each of us. While that might not sound like much, it could make a much bigger difference than you would otherwise expect.

Regarding this new moon’s influence Astrology King reported as follows:

The March 24 new moon at 04°12′ Aries makes just one major planetary aspect. But with an orb of over 4 degrees, the new moon sextile Saturn is only a mild influence but it is a positive one.

A stronger influence comes from Chiron, Lilith, and the lunar nodes. These three are not used in traditional astrology but the lunar nodes are important in Vedic, or Indian astrology. They are associated with family, past lives and karma. Chiron is being used more and more by modern astrologers and is associated with deep karmic wounds but also healing and magic. Lilith (Black Moon Lilith) is the Dark Goddess archetype and like a feminine version of Chiron.

Another important influence on the new moon March 2020 astrology is a fixed star called Deneb Kaitos. This star acts like Saturn on a bad day, causing misfortune, inhibition, and restraint. There is also an asteroid on the new moon degree which reinforces the karmic wounding theme.

During the time this moon is influencing us, we will be struggling but also persevering through it all. Chiron will be increasing our awareness and forcing all of us to be more sensitive to the people in the world around us. While many of us have been quite selfish as of late, this might be the wake-up call some have been needing.

Don’t panic but do allow these energies to sink in. Of course, things will be quite hectic for a little while longer but that doesn’t mean we should all be panicking. Keeping your chin up during times like these will be important and help you to grow into a better version of yourself.

I know, this new moon might catch some of us off guard and will be a bit more confusing than anything but it will help us all grow. Spend this time helping others and working to heal within. The more you do this, the better things will play out.

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