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On March 18 the moon will shift to its fullest position under the sign of Virgo. During this time, we are going to be feeling a major push to finally get our lives together and reach for the stars.

Each month, the moon cycles from new to full, with the new moon representing new intentions and new beginnings, while the full moon is the culmination period to manifest the things we have been working on.

Virgo’s energy is very orderly, meticulous, and goal-driven. Once a Virgo sets their eyes on a particular pathway, they will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. And honestly, that is truly what full moon energy is all about: the culmination of our desires and intentions.

On the other hand, the sun will be in Pisces, which has an energy about it that is very much in opposition to Virgo. Pisces’ energy is more so about diving deep into our emotional side and aligning with our spiritual selves, while Virgo is action-oriented and outcome-driven.

During this time, if we can reach a delicate balance between these two opposing energies, we are very likely to find peace with ourselves, while steadily working our ways towards our goals.

The major caveat here is that to reach for the stars, you must know what you are reaching for. Currently, Mars and Venus are both in Aquarius, which is likely to help us find harmony from within. This transit will also be urging us to look at our lives and every construct within them from a new and different perspective. So, if you aren’t clear on your goals, think outside of the box.

To truly make the most of this time, take another look at your routines. How are they helping you or hindering you? Compare your daily habits and routines in contrast to how they are pushing you towards your goals. If you need to make some adjustments, now is the time.

Another wonderful way to use this energy is to draw down the moon. If you are having a hard time motivating yourself, you can draw the energy of the moon in Virgo into yourself for added motivation. Here is a great technique I found for drawing down the moon!