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The new moon for this month is coming up quickly, it will be taking place on the 13th, and it’s going to be quite the celestial event. It will be providing us all with lots of opportunities to change and begin fresh which are going to help us in huge ways.

If you’re looking for a ritual to do during this moon, perhaps the one below might do you some good. It is a ritual for renewal and growth. When you use it, you will find quickly that it will help you to promote growth quite well.

New Moon Ritual:

Things Needed:

Cleansing Tools Of Your Choosing

Three Candles


A Nice Clear Space Outside


Once you’ve found a good space where the night sky can allow you to soak beneath it, cleanse the area in any way you see fit. After that is done, and you’ve also made sure to cleanse your body sit and meditate for a moment. Think about all that you’ve been through as of late and all you wish to accomplish.

Come up with three things you want to change or have happen in the coming weeks/months and light one candle for each. In doing this make sure you’re clear with your intentions and let the candles burn for a little while. While this might not sound like much it is essentially lighting a fire in your soul and allowing it to flourish properly.

After all of this has been done blow out the candles reaffirming that you will accomplish all you set out to do. This is a good way to get your manifesting going and put yourself on the right path. As simple as it is, this can really make a huge difference in the long-run.