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With the p@ndem!c having things shut down for quite some time, many people are still opting for video meetings so that people can remain connected for work but still distant for safety, and with that things are getting interesting. Sure, we’ve heard Zoom meeting/Skype meeting horror stories but this one really takes the cake.

Now, while some people think this video is some kind of skit, it really should serve as a reminder for us all to make sure our webcams aren’t still rolling after we’ve ‘attempted’ to sign off of a meeting. I recently came across this video online and it had me laughing so hard. Yes, it is a bit much but I could see it happening with some of the people I know and that alone was enough to keep my chuckles coming.

In this video, Daniel who happens to be hosting a group meeting over Zoom says he is signing off for some reason so that the rest of those in the meeting can continue, and well, instead of actually turning his camera off he accidentally clicks it back on. Rather than being free to do what he wants in his own privacy the other members of the chat/video call are still able to see everything he’s doing. From there Daniel gets up and goes into the other room to get something. That something happened to be lotion and I’m sure you know where this is going.

Daniel returns with his lotion and sits down clearly having lowered his pants and while you can’t see anything explicit his other chat members have by this point picked up on things big time. The lady directly under Daniel’s camera on the screen really makes the video all the more hilarious and one of them even tries to call him and as you’d expect he doesn’t answer. Now, don’t worry the video cuts off before anything too serious happens but if you’re wanting a good chuckle it’s worth checking out.

How would you feel if something like this happened to you? I would for sure have to find a new job from sheer embarrassment if I still even had one, that’s for sure. Could you imagine how embarrassed Daniel must have felt once he realized he wasn’t as alone as he thought he was?

Have you seen this video before and if so do you know more to this story? I for one think it’s worth the watch regardless of its origins. To see it for yourself take a peek below.