In the world, we are seeing more and more homeless people but not as many people willing to help them, and that’s not only heartbreaking but life-threatening for those stuck out on the streets. You see, people who are without homes often end up dealing with extreme heats in the summer months and very cold conditions in the winter months.

Actually, some places even have issues with homeless people dying during the winter. They have nowhere to go and so, they literally freeze to death. While hearing about that might not be ideal, it is a truth that we all need to let sink in.

We who have warm homes to go to are all very fortunate. While not everyone has the best heat, even those who can plug their electric heaters in and keep their bedrooms warm are more fortunate than they tend to realize when it comes to things like this. Those who have no homes don’t have ways to protect themselves from these kinds of things.

All of this having been said, it seems a French engineer has created something truly amazing that I personally think should be placed all over for those who need them. They are ‘igloos,’ and while they don’t look too fun, they can keep those who are without a home comfortable enough. They seem to work well to retain heat, and during winter when it’s getting down to dangerous levels, this could save lives.

(Credit: Iglou/FB)

The man behind this is Geoffroy de Reynal and is igloo is something that could essentially change the world, honestly. Called the ‘Iglou’ this device is easy to move around, big enough for someone to fit in, and not too costly to make overall. Geoffroy’s goal was to make a shelter for the homeless that would help them in big ways that was not only warm but also light and well, he did exactly that.

This interesting shelter will keep them warmer and dry throughout the winter allowing those who are struggling the most to feel a little more human than they would otherwise. I know, it might not sound like much but this is a big deal. No, these are not going to get these people off the streets but it will help them to stay alive which is something we should all want. Homeless people are still people, and we all fall on rough times here and there, just because someone fell further than you does not mean they do not at least deserve to live through the winter.

As he works with different organizations to get these out to those who need them, a lot of good is being done in this world. Doing at least this for those who are in need just makes sense and I think most will agree with me on that. If you look at the website for this product seeing how things have grown throughout the years is mind-blowing. In the beginning, this was a mere idea and now it’s changing the lives of so many. From 2017, this concept has come so far and helped a lot of people along the way.

(Credit: Iglou/FB)

To learn more about these amazing creations and see them more properly as well take a look at the video below. While they might be small and they might not look like much, they are working wonders and helping people to continue living. I for one think these need to be spread all over the world.

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