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As you may know, there is a full moon coming up on the 5th of this month (June). This full moon will also hold what is known as a penumbral lunar eclipse and it’s going to be full of intense energies. 

This full moon lunar eclipse duo will be present in the sign Sagittarius and will be quite a change for us all. It will bring forth tension within our relationships and perhaps even some more impulsive behaviors depending on how we react to them as they come forth. That being said, it overall is not something we are unable to handle. 

Now, if you’re wanting to make the most of this full moon/eclipse duo there are some things you can do. Personally, I choose a ritual as each full moon comes forth to do and base that ritual on the energies at hand. This leading to the ritual I am going to go over now. For this full moon/eclipse we should be more focused on bringing clarity within. 

If bringing clarity within is something you think you’d be interested in during this full moon then perhaps the ritual I am going to do will benefit you as well. I am going to go over that ritual below and break things down a bit. This will allow us to align more properly with our higher selves and clear out some of the toxic things we may have been holding onto for a while now. 

Eclipse Into Clarity Ritual:

Things Needed:

Smudging Tools

3 Candles

Pen and Paper

A Comfortable Space Outside


Now, before you begin go to that comfortable place outside. This will be where you are going to carry out this ritual. Under the moonlight cleanse the area with your smudging tools. 

After smudging the area also smudge your body. Once you’ve done that sit down and meditate for a moment clearing your mind and light your candles. From here take your pen and paper, allow yourself a moment to think, and begin writing down things you do not wish to carry with you further. 

Break down things that you’re not happy with anymore and really come to terms with the things you’ve been running away from. After you’ve done this you will likely begin to feel a lot less weight on your shoulders but we’re not done. Using one of the candles burn this paper and spread the ashes in the area you are in. 

By burning them (carefully please) you are letting them go and cleansing your soul. Spreading them out allows mother nature to take them and transmute them into something positive within your life and will benefit you greatly. I know, this might not sound like much but it will make a big difference in your life. 

Once you’re finished thank mother nature, the moon, and all the energies before you and close things out. From here you can do whatever you want but I do suggest a nice salt bath to further cleanse. This ritual will be an experience that you find quite healing for a lot of different reasons.