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As you all most likely know there is a full moon approaching. It will be occurring on the 22nd and with that, we will all be experiencing a lot of changes.

This will be the last full moon of 2018 and it will be in Cancer at zero degrees. This will be a full moon that promotes positivity and pushes us to really allow the opportunities before us to be taken to the next level. We will all be more open to change and more willing to seek out new things in life. Breaking free from our everyday lives will be much easier than usual.

This will be a good full moon for you to solve problems and get to know yourself better. During the days to come before this full moon you should take a little time to come up with some kind of ritual to work with these energies. If you are not sure where, to begin with, this kind of thing, the ritual below can serve as a great stepping stone into the new year. I like to do this one at least a few times each year, it truly works wonders in the world of closure and moving forward.

2018 Cancer Full Moon Ritual:

Things Needed:

A pot of ‘dirt’ or area of ‘dirt’
Paper and pen
A white candle
A bowl of water
An envelope


This ritual will be very different from most others. To begin with you find a comfortable quiet space be it inside or outside. If inside please make sure you are near a window that can be opened so that the moonlight will be able to hit you. Once you’ve found your space sit quietly and meditate for a moment. While meditating use your hands to dig a small hole in the dirt before you.

After you’ve relaxed and gotten to a more calm state of mind light your candle and give yourself a meditative moment to think over all the bad that you have faced this year. Think about all of the things that have bothered you or brought you down and write them all out on paper. Get everything out, write until you run out of things to say, allow your mind to move through your hands and get it all out.

Once you have done this remind yourself that the things on that paper are in your past and do not have control over you anymore. Say out loud that you refuse to let them hold you back and burn that paper with your candle. Once burned place the ashes as best you can into that hole. Spread some dirt over it and mix the ashes in with the dirt digging out another hole.

From here take another piece of paper and write out all you wish to accomplish in the months to come and how much stronger you are for having experienced all you did this past year. Give yourself some power back and close this paper in the envelope. Place the envelope in the dirt and bury it. This is you planting the seeds of productivity and positivity through letting go of the past.

Now pour the bowl of water over this ‘planted seed’ and say to yourself ‘I will accomplish all I have written down and I am going to continue moving forth until I am where I feel I need to be.’ Then, blow out the candle and close things out by placing the pot of dirt (if you opted for an inside ritual) nearest the moonlight so that it can absorb energy throughout the hours as they pass growing stronger with each minute. Chances are by the time this ritual has been completed you will be feeling a lot more at peace.