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Chances are, you’ve heard that there is a blood moon coming up. This blood moon will be in Leo and will occur on January 20-21st, and being prepared for it is going to help you to become much more yourself than you have been in a very long time.

For those who might not know, a blood moon is just a full moon that happens to occur during a total lunar eclipse. This meaning the moon itself will appear red in some ways. The effects of this moon will be felt for quite some time as they will be amplified with Uranus in Aries and everything being well underway. Lunar eclipses focus our attention inward and leave us to deal with our emotions, relationships, and everything else of the sort.

The energies attached to the eclipse moon are quite overwhelming and working with them properly will make all the difference. Below I am going to go over a ritual that you can use to really make the most of them if you choose to do-so. During this ritual, you will be able to manifest the things you wish to see as the months pass. Feel free to make small changes and really bring your own touch to it if you really want to make it your own as the moon comes into play.

Blood Moon Ritual:

Things Needed:

Smudging tools
1 Candle
Fire-safe container
Ground/place you can dig


(In preparation dig a small hole in the area you choose to do your ritual and set up around that small hole.)

Smudge your area and your body once you’ve found a place in which you’re comfortable and able to see the moon. Light your candle and sit meditating for a moment over your own thoughts. Let go of everything that is bothering you and really use your mind’s eye to visualize all of the negative things within leaving your body.

Once you are in a place where you feel comfortable enough to move forward open your eyes and write out everything you really want to bring to the table in the months to come. Write out anything you think you need to stop allowing in your life and then burn that piece of paper in the fire safe vessel. Now closing your eyes again think back to the things you wrote on that paper and let go of all of them.

From here isolate three things within your mind that you feel you need to accomplish as time passes. Give yourself a moment to really figure them out and once you have them decided think through what would take to get those things before you. Now, open your eyes once more and write down those three things while calling on the universe to help bring them forth.

Fold this paper up and instead of burning it place it in the ground. Bury it and pour the ashes of the other paper over the top of it. In this, you are letting go of the old and making room for the new. You are working to rise up from the ashes of all you’ve been through and with that bettering yourself more than you might ever imagine.