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Summer fun might be affected for everyone as a major chlorine shortage is expected to hit this summer. Swimming pool owners beware!

Due to a combination of several factors including COVID-19 and a massive fire at a chlorine plant is responsible for the chlorine shortage.

Last fall, the factory that produces the majority of the nation’s chlorine tablets burned down during Hurricane Laura. And due to the amount of time that we are all spending at home focusing on projects and etc., there has been an increase in the demand for chlorine tablets.

The shortage is expected to worsen, driving the chlorine prices even higher, as homeowners and businesses alike begin to prep for the coming swimming season.

A quick look at Amazon showed that a 50-pound bucket of 3-inch chlorine tablets from the In and Swim brand now costs as much as $169.99, around double the normal cost and now supplies have sold out.

There are alternatives to chlorine tablets by converting chlorinated to a saltwater system. Silver and copper ionization systems are also other methods for using less chlorine.

If you are reading this and you are worried about the shortage, please don’t go out and buy up all the supplies. Remember that often these problems are worsened by panic buying, and we all deserve to have access to supplies.