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If you’re looking for a little financial gain, perhaps this manifestation might be in order. No, this manifestation will not make you rich overnight but it might help you find new opportunities that could help you bring in more money.

There are rituals for basically everything and well, money isn’t off-limits. If you have good intentions and really believe in yourself, you can manifest just about anything you want if you’re willing to put forth the efforts needed to make them work.

Manifestation Of Money Ritual:

Things Needed:

2 Cups of rice

6 Grains of black pepper or peppercorns

3 Green candles

2 Glass jars with lids

Smudging tools of your choosing


To begin with, you always need to make sure you’re smudging the area around you and your body as a whole. This will make sure you’re not accidentally including stagnant energies in your ritual. While it might feel tedious, this matters a lot.

(Make sure you smudge the jars especially when it comes to the things you’re using.)

Take each jar and add about a cup of rice to each of them. From their light two of your candles and place one directly in front of each jar. State your intent and make sure you do-so clearly as you place three peppercorns/black pepper grains in each jar.

Once you’ve done all of that at this point you need to light the last candle and meditate over it for a moment. This candle will need to be in the middle, between both of the jars. This candle represents the coming together of everything before you. This candle is what ties things properly.

Now that all of that has been done meditate over the future and your finances as a whole. Don’t become too stressed during this just let your worries melt away and put your trust in the Universe. Now allow the candles to burn for a few hours before putting them out.