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Right now the moon is about to be new once again and from there work it’s way back through the cycle. While this new moon in itself is going to be very energetically charges and intense there is a lot more going on in the celestial world that could influence each of us. Whether you’re currently uncomfortable considering recent lunar angles or you’re finally getting your chance to find firm-footing do not be distracted. 

Below I am going to go over each zodiac sign and what those signs should be expecting from now until the end of October. While we’re moving forth closer and closer to the last days of this month, we still have a lot to endure. Are you ready?


You are no mind reader but you’re also not someone who even bothers to try to understand the people around you. While you might feel like achieving more than everyone else is a great feat, it’s really not. Life is not a competition and most people don’t care if you out-do them. You’re about to learn this the hard way.


You have so much to do and yet so little time to get it done. Stop stressing over all the things you’ve got to do and embrace the small things in life. Stop and smell the roses, take a nap, or just go to the movies and enjoy yourself. You are not a robot and it’s about time you realized that.


You’re going through a lot right now and there is a lot more to come as well. The rest of this month is going to really sweep you off of your feet and throw you through things you might not be expecting. That having been said, all of what you’re facing will bring you closer to where you need to be. You’re going to be making a lot of progress in the days to come. 


Sure, you might not always realize how the people around you are treating you but you should be trying to. The people in your life want nothing but the best for you and you still shoot them down time and time again. You’re growing up and you really need to stop and take the time to let the truth sink in. Quit giving your all to those who aren’t going to stick around.


You’re already feeling a bit fuzzy at the moment and that isn’t something you’re going to be able to shake anytime soon. As the days pass you’re going to realize that the direction you’re headed isn’t for you. Perhaps you are in serious need of a change of scenery?


You’re always trying to break free and still somehow manage to find yourself stuck. The days to come are going to really bring you a lot more healing than you might feel you have signed up for but that’s not a bad thing. Stop trying to make all the pieces of the puzzle fit and instead listen to the people around you, they can see things you cannot and are more than willing to help you get this all figured out.


You’re going to be spending a lot of time between now and the end of October really working to get things figured out for yourself. You aren’t sure where you’re headed or how things are going to play out in your own mind. You have more to deal with within than the people in your life are aware of and they will never be able to help if you keep refusing to open up.


While it might not seem like it, you’re being a little too selfish lately. You are closing yourself off again and setting things up to fail. The longer you allow this to continue forward the less likely fixing the issue entirely will become. Perhaps you need to really let go of the past and embrace the future for your own sake.


Sure, you might feel a bit confused right now but that’s because for the past few weeks you’ve been somewhere in your own mind that you shouldn’t be. Stop pretending to be happy and start letting the truth shine through. If this isn’t what you want, now is the time to get out before you’re in too deep.


This world is not as plain and simple as you might want it to be and because of that, right now you’re pretty confused. As the future begins to unfold this will become more and more apparent to you. Stop trying to fight the things that are before you, embrace this life and see where you end up.


As an Aquarius, you tend to close yourself off more than you should. Perhaps you need to really open up to someone you care for and see what the two of you can work through together. Life is too short to spend it fighting your battles alone.


While you’ve managed to get a lot done throughout this month, things are finally slowing down. You’re coming to a fork in the road and unsure of where to go and curious about both directions. Maybe you need to take a break and come back to this fork when you’re ready.