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On May 5th the north and south nodes of the moon will be moving into new signs. The north will be in Gemini and the south will be in Sagittarius.

Now, for those who do not know what lunar nodes are, they are points and not actually celestial bodies but we do treat them as such. They are two points where two different orbits in space intersect. This being the orbit of the Moon around our home planet and the orbit of the Sun itself. 

The nodes and where they are overall tend to hold soul lessons for us and the more aware of this we are the more we can learn. While the previous signs energies are diminishing right now as these new signs energies come into play, the way they manifest might be quite unique. With Gemini being a very communicative sign and quite outgoing in many ways, we may finally be stepping out of our shells in new ways or learning how to at the very least. 

Now, with the south node in Sagittarius on the other hand, we might be offered some new knowledge that will help us grow. Sagittarius people are flighty and confusing but they are often also very smart. Perhaps through working on communicating more properly and working harder to get where you want in life, you can master what these energies are bringing your way.

Don’t get me wrong, right now we are still not completely sure what all may be heading our way in regard to this celestial ordeal but there is no doubt that positivity is held within it. When the nodes end up in different signs like this, it can bring a bit of uneasiness but don’t let that get the best of you. The universe itself would not place energies before you that you were unable to handle. Everything happens for a reason and while you could end up on edge, working through the things before you and working to ground yourself could be all you need to do to truly make things play out properly. 

For more information on the lunar nodes and their movements check out the video below. While the energies around us can change in an instant, the more aware we are of the celestial events to come the better. Through working hard to understand ourselves we too come to a place where we can understand the universe in some ways.